The Indie Perfumers Guild is a vibrant gathering place for the most creative and talented perfumers, scientists, healthcare professionals, chefs/mixologists, modern alchemists, entrepreneurs, influencers, designers, suppliers, and sensory adventurers from around the world. We are an inclusive guild for all.

With a focus on the system as a whole, we gain efficiencies by offering education, mentorship, opportunities to work, complete with a vetted suppliers network of raw material, components, lab spaces, and new technologies.

Together, we can reduce costs, be more gentle to the environment and elevate the quality of innovations.

Membership has its Privileges

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For Students, Self-Taught Makers, Hobbyists, the Media, and non-techinical Industry (Marketing & Sales) Professionals:

Discounts on workshops, events, supplies, perfume organ/studio time, and mentorship sessions.

Profile inclusion in the official IPG membership directory.

Access to career, internship & apprenticeship opportunities 

Exclusive invitation to members programming & the Indie Perfumers Guild Awards (Coming in 2021

For Perfumers & Flavorists with Products Selling in the Commercial Market:

Profile inclusion in the official IPG membership directory with discounts on workshops, events, SoHo Beacon and mentorship sessions.

Enjoy access to the IPG Market, our exclusive shop for aroma materials, packaging supplies, manufacturing and ancillary services from around the world.

Tap into more career advancement, networking and collaboration opportunities! IPG Creators can purchase day passes to use our organ, receive free samples from material suppliers by mail, and work and meet clients at our SoHo, New York City home.

Creators are invited to bid on new projects against proposals year-round, sell their products on the Guild's DTC shop (at Perfumarie), and compete in the Indie Perfumers Guild Awards.

From contract negotiations, logistics, to technical advisory, IPG Offers ad hoc support for Creators to efficiently launch and scale.

For Trade Partners including Suppliers, Distillers, Brands, Designers, Technical and Industry Consultants:

Showcase your products and services to IPG Members and guests.

Participate in exciting networking and collaboration opportunities!

Receive sample requests, bundled and direct purchase orders from IPG students and members from around the world.

Demonstrate innovations via virtual or in-person programs. IPG Collaborators receive $5,000 in marketing, PR of event production credit each year to host workshops and educational events for Members online or at the SoHo Beacon / Perfumarie.