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Formulation Partner

We are a womxn of color founded indie perfume brand with a vision to create roll-on and solid balm perfumes infused with CBD.
We will have a focus on natural ingredients, minimal packaging and story-based scents and have initial ideas for the first line we plan to create [~4 scents]. We are looking for a formulator as we don't have expertise in fine fragrance, and have identified a manufacturer for our initial batches.

Client RFP, Lifestyle Product Suite

I am particularly interested in the development of fine fragrances - with a max. budget of $50,000. An NDA will be required. Target launch date: Feb. 2021.

Confidential Research for CHILDREN

Research Agency is conducting a compensated in person project on the topic of pharmaceutical packaging in NYC.  

We are looking for families who would be open to coming to our Manhattan facility (Flatiron District) to have their kids take part in a 15-20 minute project where they would be given pharmaceutical packaging to interact with (no actual medication inside the package).

Confidential Online Focus Group

We’re conducting an olfactive study to understand Gen Z’s olfactive preference.  Their input will be extremely valuable and will be used to influence the next fragrance creation for some of their favorite fragrance & beauty brands! 

Scent Creation Opportunity

I am interested in working with a perfumer/nose who would give capable assistance in developing 1 or more custom 'niche' fragrances. Each of the required unisex fragrances will include a 'confidential' perfume brief. 

Fine Fragrance Intern Mane USA

Summer job for students seeking to pursue careers in Fine Fragrance: will include entry-level tasks in support of lab, evaluation, marketing, sales, and perfumers. Goal is to learn the basics of our business in order to pursue Perfumer training, after graduation.