Member's Directory

Lori Caruso

Lori has background as a Spanish educator and wants to translate her bicultural experiences and learning through travel into scent.

"I am open to assisting others in the industry for additional experience."

Harry Sherwood

Harry Sherwood graduated in 2017 from the University of London in Philosophy, specializing in olfactory perceptual processes. Currently, he splits his time between pursuing a Philosophy Ph.D. and working as a perfumer for brands, mainly specializing in fine, home and experimental fragrance briefs. He regards himself as a hopeless perfectionist but has worked under multiple perfumers at various companies including the British artisan perfumery 4160Tuesdays.

Zachary Tyler

Zachary, Perfumarie's new resident gourmand, grew up all over the country, between Allentown, Seattle, and Detroit. He moved to New York City around 8 years ago. Since then, he's found a work-life balance between hospitality, photography, writing, and unrelenting curiosity about all things delightful and ephemeral. He lives with his plants, books, and strange liquor cabinet.

François Morisson, BCI / Bonneté

Francois Morisson of BCI & Morisson Spiritueux is the  Strategic Acccount Vice-President (BCI) and Founder of Morisson Spiritueux.

Perfumer Supply House

Founded by Christine Daley, Perfumer Supply House offers a variety of fragrance ingredients including aroma chemicals, essential oils, bases and specialties for niche perfumers and hobbyists. With over 30 years of experience in the flavor and fragrance industry, they have been able to compile a solid list of manufacturers who consistently supply high quality and authentic products.


Enfleurage is New York's first and only store specializing in essential oils and incense from all around the planet. We import directly from farms and stills, bringing in high quality, fresh and sparkling essential oils from six continents. Nothing is added to our oils and hydrosols. No preservatives, no isolates, no “enhancers”, no alcohol (except for a few alcohol tinctures).