François Morisson, BCI / Bonneté

Francois Morisson of BCI & Morisson Spiritueux is the  Strategic Account Vice-President (BCI) and Founder of Morisson Spiritueux.

Professional Summary: Ironically, Parisian born François Morisson’s first experience behind the bar occurred in Tokyo, Japan in 1989.
Since then, he has worked in Paris and NYC for the last 3 decades from the opening of the Paris Hard Rock Café in 1991 to the re-opening of NYC iconic restaurant Pastis in 2019.

He has taken a semi break in the hospitality industry during the second part of the '90s to work as an outreach social worker, focusing on troubled and "under favored" teenagers and young adults in the streets of Paris and suburbs.
After making NYC his home, François has been consulting for various bars, clubs, and liquor brands, traveled the world in search of new flavors and spirits and has produced numerous nightlife events and parties in private lofts and other venues in NYC.

Finally, after having ran the bar programs for Keith McNally and Stephen Starr, today, François hanged the bar gloves and now is the national On-Premise Strategic Accounts Vice-President for BCI, a fast growing importing and branding company focusing on authentic savoir-faire, terroir and premium spirits.

Interests: Fragrance, Flavors, Education/Classes/Workshops, Networking, Advocacy, Branding, Hospitality, Olfactory Art, Sustainability.

Favorite Food: Meat

Favorite Holiday Destination: Haïti

Favorite Quote: Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. / Action is the only remedy to indifference. / I want someone to look at me like I look at Rhum.

What Inspires You?: Happy, passionate and efficient people

Favorite Fashion Brand: used to be Christian Lacroix ... now Christian Dior

Accomplishments: reached 50

Favorite Color: Black and purple

Favorite Book: Voyage au bout de la Nuit (Journey to the End of the Night) / L'Insoutenable Légèreté de l'être (Unbearable Lightness of Being) / The Gospel According to the Son

Favorite Musical Artist: Iggy Pop

Favorite Film: too many ...

What is inspiring you now?: My life partner.

  • Making rhum in Haïti and working closely with the locals and creating a people/eco-friendly environment.
  • Collaborating with talented and enriching people with an Artist/Artisan way of doing things.
  • Being part of some kind of renewal way of being in the post-COVID world.

Favorite cause: immediately ... Black Lives Matter

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What would you like others to know about you?: I'm a bartending veteran, I'm passionate when involved, I have character (good and bad) and a bit stubborn and I love to love ... and I love Rhum!

Health, Wealth, Love, Money, or Fame?: LOVE

Do You Live near New York City: Yes