Lori Caruso

Lori has background as a Spanish educator and wants to translate her bicultural experiences and learning through travel into scent.

"I am open to assisting others in the industry for additional experience."

Interests: Fragrance, Excursions, Education/Classes/Workshops, More Projects, Raw Materials, Discounts, Regulatory, Packaging, The Artistry, Networking, Marketing, Branding, Events, Scent Marketing, B2B, Olfactory Art, Innovation, Sustainability, Agency Support, Business Development, Brand Management

I take a lot of inspiration from vintage films and horror films.

Favorite Food: Sushi and créme brûlée

Favorite Holiday Destination: Spain

What Inspires You?: Growth and learning, curiosity, non-conformists

Favorite Fashion Brand: Alexander McQueen

Accomplishments: Masters Degree in Education, became bilingual as a non native speaker

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Book: The Horror Show, Scent and Subversion

Favorite Musical Artist: Grimes, Brian Fallon/The Gaslight Anthem

Favorite Film: Moulin Rouge

What is inspiring you now?: Working with others in industries different from my own. Having mentors and friends with various life experiences and perspectives to continue learning.

Favorite cause: Favorite causes include using ESL to assist adult learners, fragrance ingredient sustainability and benefits for local farmers, supporting local farms.

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/in/lmc-8730a158

Instagram: @lorhoy

Health, Wealth, Love, Money, or Fame?: 
Health-physical health allows me to be able to have the necessary basic and wonderful experiences. Emotional health allows me to be there for the ones I love, and have a healthy perspective on promoting what I believe to be an enriching life and enriching the lives of others.

Do You Live near New York City: Yes