Perfumer's Apprentice

Perfumer's Apprentice is an independent fragrance house offering fragrance creators a level playing field to compete among the large house brands.

Perfumer's Apprentice opened in 2004 as a fragrance creation boutique, the first of its kind to offer individuals the opportunity to blend perfume with their own hands using professional fragrance ingredients such as aroma molecules and specialty blends from International fragrance houses such as Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF, Robertet and many others. Soon after, Perfumer's Apprentice branched into being an online education and ingredient supply resource for fragrance enthusiasts and established Perfumers where they sell the ingredients offered in their boutique along with educational kits to help beginners appreciate the complex art and science of perfumery.

Perfumer's Apprentice offers professional services to Indie and Artisan perfumers such as compounding, turnkey business services as well as regulatory documentation. They also acquired Scent Trunk, through which they give lesser-known Perfumers visibility to a broader consumer market in a way that honors their individuality while communicating directly to the customer through the art of scent.

Perfumer's Apprentice continues to seek creative ways to elevate budding perfumers through strategic partnerships with organizations such as the Institute of Art & Olfaction, Indie Perfumer's Guild, The Fragrance Foundation, and the Fragrance Creators Association.