Create With Us

There is power in numbers. As a Creator Member of IPG, you now have a fresh new way to work:
  • IPG supports artisanship and each other.
  • We provide the tools and space for Makers like you to collaborate and to thrive.
  • We allow you to focus on creating new products.
  • We put you in direct contact with over 100,000+ supplies and customers.
  • We have a diverse network that offers new opportunities.
  • The IPG helps fund production through firm orders, cash and other financing support.
  • Members earn through a shared revenue structure — Everyone that works gets paid and your income/profit is guaranteed.
  • You are the brand and therefore own the brand. We take care of all sales, marketing, manufacturing, and regulatory tasks.
  • We have a great time!
What's expected of you?
  • Creativity and a point-of-view
  • Knowledge and access to the best materials, techniques and creation tools
  • Reliable forecasting of costs and volumes
  • Regular online interaction with our customers
  • Promotion of Indie Perfumers Guild and yourself in the media
  • Regularly joining our events to promote the Guild and support your products
Our customers are our angels:
  • IPG's Customers can chat directly with you.
  • Customers can vote with their feet on new initiatives and creations, invite you to collaborate on projects, and decide what makes the cut.
  • IPG and the Perfumarie team will help promote your work by matching customers to IPG Creators based on their preferences.